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Starting and setting up a new business can be a handful even to experienced owners. Choosing the correct organisational structure is one of the most important aspects of the set-up, as this will ensure a smooth operation.

Which is why NOAC Consultants helps you with the entire set up process by guiding you to the entire process.

Our Company Set-Up services provide you with all of the following items:

  • Your Choice of Company Name

  • Australian Business Number for the Company

  • Company Tax File Number

  • Company GST

  • Company Work Cover Setup

  • ASIC Certificate of Registration of a Company

  • Company's Constitution

  • Bank Account Kit

  • Directors Duties

  • Minutes

  • Registration of Directors and Consent to Act

  • Registered Office Consent

  • Members Register

  • Application for Shares

  • Allotment Journal

  • Share Certificates

  • Transfer Journal and Percent Share Transfer Documentation

  • Copies of Lodged ASIC Forms

  • Register of Charges

  • Register of Option

  • Register of Directors’ Interest

  • Spare Copies of All Documents

With over thousands of clients entrusting their business for years, we can guarantee that your company is in good hands.

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